Seven Sunglasses For Ski Season

Seven Sunglasses For Ski Season

It’s the time of year where we shift our attention to the slopes, and delve into the latest sunglasses from our favourite designers. With seven sunglasses for the ski season, combining styles of colour schemes, to find something that will fit your needs. High octane runs down the the fastest slopes around means relaxation after is paramount, and with the best styles available, our Ski Season selection will allow you to relax in style.

Our seven sunglasses for ski season explores a mixture of stylish, designer frames with a practical twist, and vice versa. We take a look at what’s favourite designers have on offer this winter.


Oakley Evzero Path OO9308

Firstly we have the Evzero Path, the first of three visor shape frames in our seven sunglasses for ski season blog. The Evzero Path comes with all the technical benefits of your traditional Oakley active frame. The sweeping rimless has a flare either side, towards the bottom of the frame, which nestles in nicely next to your cheeks, and offers superb peripheral coverage. The potential is there is take the Evzero out on the slopes, as well as taking it easy during your down time.

Oliver Peoples Kettner OV5339S

The Kettner is a gentleman’s frame to say the least. The low profile wayfarer-esque silhouette is complete by subtle colour schemes and metal details. Oliver Peoples frames offer a certain level of class, which you only get from a frame of this quality. The Kettner is a low key frame, an understated choice, perfect for relaxing during your retreat.

Chanel CH4215

By far and away the most feminine of all the visor frames you see, Chanel have given the visor style frame all the makings of a frame that will go down a hit at ski resorts across Europe and North America. A mirror one piece has a beautiful single line checker pattern which adds a real sense of style of sophistication. While the Chanel CH4215 is a high fashion piece, the frame build, along with the mirror finishes, make the CH4215 the perfect choice for your winter vacation.

Persol PO3156S

A slight wraparound style of the PO3156S frame makes it an ideal candidate for our seven sunglasses for the ski season. Complete with signature polished metal Persol hinge, and truley classic colour schemes, the PO3156S ticks all the boxes. The PO3156S has a robust design, uncompromising, and through its functionalities, and top choice for this years ski season.

Gucci GG0199S

An aura of retro oozes out of the Gucci GG0199S, while recognisable details give a real sense of vintage to the frame. The flat front frame holds in place the one piece lens. The flatness to the front frame is what exudes the retro feel, but don’t be mistaken, the frame still offers great coverage across your entire vision. Gucci‘s design means this frame is stickly for relaxing and chilling, but perfect for your demanding winter conditions.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Double Bridge RB3816

An all time classic, the Clubmaster has been charmed with a double bridge, adding to the powerful and strong look of the original. A firm favourite since it’s inception back in the late 1940’s, and with the round eye design have a huge 2017, the Double Bridge RB3816 takes it to the next level. The RB3816 is absolutely spot on for taking it easy, with its vintage Ray-Ban silhouette and sublime colour schemes.

Oakley Flak Draft OO9364

Another frame with the ideal the demanding conditions. The Oakley Flak Draft OO9364 has the perfect wrap around style, and the ability to switch lenses to keep ahead of any changing conditions. With the benefits of Oakley’s patented technologies, the rugged and ready design means your good to go, whatever the climate.

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