Frame Polishing


Our polishing process involves several steps to restore your plastic glasses and sunglasses frames to their former glory.

First, we dismantle the frame and remove the lenses and badges. Then, we deep clean the frame using our ultrasonic cleaner, effectively removing dirt and bacteria.

After cleansing, we move on to the polishing stage. Our experts hand-polish the frames on our polishing wheel to remove any blemishes. We then apply an ultrafine finishing polish to restore the sheen of the frame.

Once the polishing is complete, we re-assemble the frame, heat treat, and reshape it. We also oil and tighten the hinges to ensure that they function correctly.

Finally, we return your frames to you almost as good as new, along with a complimentary microfibre bag to help protect your glasses.

It's important to note that our polishing service only applies to plastic (acetate) glasses and sunglasses frames.

While it's rare, there is a small risk that your frame may have become brittle with age, which could break during polishing.

However, most frames are fine for this service.

Lens Polishing

Unfortunately lenses cannot be polished and if scratched or damaged will need replacing.  If you've damaged the lenses, had a prescription change or just want to change your lens colour please contact us.

Lens Polishing FAQ

Are my glasses suitable for restoration?

We only accept plastic frames for our service. While some frames may become brittle over time, leading to breakages, this is rare; we have only had two incidents of breakages out of the hundreds of frames we have restored. Most frames are suitable for our polishing process, and we can restore them to look almost as good as new.

Will the glasses polishing process remove white marks and discolouration?

Frames can be mostly whitening-free after removal, but some residue may remain.

How will you look after my designer glasses and lenses?

Restoration projects always have a tiny risk, but we take the utmost care with your eyewear and successfully restore many luxury designer frames. This process can help extend the life of your glasses, so why not try it?

How do I get my glasses to you safely?

For sustainable packaging, please use minimal plastic tape and a tracked courier. We will return your item using Royal Mail tracked 48.

How long will I be without my glasses?

We recommend having a spare pair of glasses, as our small team may take around a week, or longer if busy, to complete your order.

Can I have Next Day Delivery?

Yes, please select Next Day Delivery on checkout, and we will try our best to get them back to you the day after they arrive.