Restore Vintage Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Restore Vintage Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Seven decades of eyewear, timeless in their creation, Ray-Ban have produced some of the most iconic sunglasses of the 21st century, leading the industry in style and prominence. With time, wear and tear can take its toll on such an accessories, you are now able to restore vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses. Frames built before 1997 are considered vintage, and with a great deal of care, we can restore your sunglasses to their former glory.

Originally manufactured by America by company Bausch and Lomb, from 1956 to up until 1999. During this time, Ray-Ban and Bausch and Lomb created the Wayfarer, Aviator, and Clubmaster, to name a few. These three frames would continue to present day to be the most popular pieces of eyewear, with Ray-Ban being the benchmark for quality of the design, build, and materials used. With modern frames designed and built in Italy, by industry giant Luxottica. They have developed the Ray-Ban brand, with newer and more modern frame designs. You are now able to restore vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses.

We have a couple of methods to identify which frame you have, they are:

  1. Send the frame details via email or get in touch via telephone. This information can usually be found on the inside of the arm. Call 01704 or Click Here to email our customer service team.

  2. Send images to us via email, we can cross check the frame through catalogues. Along with any frame details, images allow us to compare and contrast a far easier. Click Here, to send images. Photos from the front, corner, and side are a great help.

  3. Send the sunglasses into us free of charge. This is the most efficient way to decipher which frame you have. Our free shipping to and from us allow a hassle and cost free quote.

Many frames created during the B&L era maintain the same shape and dimensions of their original design. This allows us to offer replacement lenses to even the oldest of vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Restore Vintage Ray-Ban Sunglasses with our Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses. Our Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses come with two lenses, correct Ray-Ban etching’s, with a certificate of authenticity. You can rest assured the lenses you receive from are genuine.

Repair your sunglasses by utilising out Sunglasses Repair Service. Our trained lab technicians have had a great deal of success repairing vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses. Due to materials becoming somewhat weaker over time, there is a slight risk involved. There is a chance a plastic frame may break due to brittle materials while fitting the new lenses. However we are confident your sunglasses we be in a completely functional and working order.

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