Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses

Did you know that you can get replacement lenses for your Ray-Ban sunglasses?

I’m sure everyone has that favourite pair of sunglasses that they just cannot bare to part with.

At SunglassesUK.com we appreciate that you want to hang onto that beloved pair of sunglasses. If they fit well, look good and are comfortable you want to wear them forever. You may even want to hold on to your sunglasses for sentimental value. Whatever your reasons we are here to help wherever we can. We can replace your broken, shattered or scratched lenses with a brand new set of genuine Ray-Ban Replacement lenses 2016.

With this in mind, we offer Ray Ban Replacement Lenses in two options, polarised and none polarised, if you are unsure which replacement lenses you will need, the frame details can be found on the inside of the frame. Check for model code (beginning with RB) colour code, and size. We can fit your new lenses for you and the guys in our in house lab will fully service your beloved Rayban’s, checking all the screws are secure and cleaning up and straightening the frame wherever possible.


It is so important that your lenses remain in tip top condition. Sunglasses always seem to get a bit of harsh treatment-chucked on the dashboard or squeezed into a handbag or pocket. If your lenses become damaged or scratched, it means you are not getting the necessary UVA & UVB protection any more, and that’s really bad for your eyes!

So, have you got a pair of Ray-Ban’s stashed away that you fancy bringing out for the summer-even vintage ones? Just dig them out and send them to us at SunglassesUK.com and leave the rest to us!

From just £45 for none Polarized, to £65 for polarised, we can have your worn and weathered sunglasses looking as good as new in no time.