It’s difficult to name a frame that has had such a significant cultural impact like the Clubmaster browline design. Born with a powerful silhouette, subtle trims, strong stature, the browline shape has been sported by icons throughout history. 2018 gives us a special revamp of a frame spanning nearly 70 decades. The RayBan Clubmaster Metal RB3716 is ready to steak its claim.

The sheer robust nature of the RayBan Clubmaster Metal RB3716 sets itself apart from the pack. The latest manufacturing techniques allow Ray-Ban to take the orignal Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 to the next level, in terms of structural integrity and sleek finishes. 2017 Brought us many alternative browline designs, including the Double Bridge, Aluminium, Round, and Blaze, all unique, all bringing something fresh to the table. Spring Summer 2018 plans to be a busy one of the RB3716.

With the introduction of the Clubmaster Metal, we maintain classic combinations of colour. Firstly, colour-ways, including  the black & gold, and havana & gold offer a touch of class, while black and silver remains a classic partnership. A stealthy Black on Black is also available. Secondly, the lenses, gradient and polarised offer a wider variety, while keeping hold of the simplicities which make the browline shape so popular.

Black & Gold/ Crystal Green
Classic For A Reason

Polished & Matte Black/ Crystal Gradient Blue
Baby Blues

Silver & Black/ Crystal Gradient Grey
True Icons Stand Alone

White & Silver/ Crystal Gradient Blue
The Club Is Calling

Ray-Ban have been able to revitalise the Clubmaster with a simple change in material. Strong does not describe the RayBan Clubmaster Metal RB3716 frame in enough detail. The durable stainless steel frame offers a tight grip for a secure  and comfortable fit. The vigorous build of an age old design shows you are only as old as you think you are. A contemporary shift to the Clubmaster revives a frame, which will continue to be one of the most sought after frames of a lifetime.


Images from Ray-Ban Instagram

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