Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses

Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses

Have you got a pair of old Ray-Ban in the draw at home, damaged and collecting dust? If you have a pair of sunglasses in dire need to a repair, SunglassesUK.com have Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses to help you restore life into your old frame. Here’s a helpful guide that can help you on your way to repairing your old, but not forgotten trusty sunglasses.

Are Lenses Available For My Frame?

If your Ray-Ban frame is under two years old, the chances of a like for like replacement being available are quite high. Depending on whether you want a like for like replacement, the younger your frame is the better, however you can always upgrade to a polarised or mirror lens. If you sunglasses are older that two years, not to worry, it’s still possible lenses are available.

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 How Much Do They Cost?

The prices of Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses vary, depending on whether you would like none polarised, or polarised. A starting costs of the none polarised lenses is £45, with polarised lenses costing £65. Free shipping is available with all orders on SunglassesUK.com.

Are The Lenses Genuine?

SunglassesUK.com is a licensed seller of Ray-Ban products.

Our Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses come with the correct etchings, on both lenses. This includes the white Ray-Ban or Ray-Ban P logo in the top corner, and the smaller engraved RB on the opposite lens. The lenses also come with a certificate of authenticity, so you know they are absolutely genuine.

How Long Until I Can Receive New Lenses?

We have a number of lenses in stock, consisting of the more popular frames, including the Aviator, Clubmaster, and Wayfarer. On average, 5/10 working days is your typical waiting time for genuine Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses.

 How Do I Fit My New Lenses?

You have three options when it comes to fitting your new Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses.

  • Firstly, SunglassesUK.com offer a Sunglasses Repair Service, which includes free shipping to SunglassesUK.com.
  • Secondly, you can repair the sunglasses yourself. If the frame is metal, semi-rimless, or rimless, you may need specific tools to loosen the frame. If the frame is made from plastic acetate, be extremely cautious when removing, and entering the lenses.
  • Finally, you can take the sunglasses and new lenses into a local opticians/ licences Ray-Ban seller, who will be able to help. For more information regarding fitting your Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses, here is a quick guide.

 What If My Lenses Have Been Discontinued?

It’s not he end of the world if a genuine replacements are no longer available. Optical blanks can be used as a industry standard substitute for the discontinued lens.

The main difference between genuine and optical blanks, is the latter doesn’t come with Ray-Ban etchings, however there is also a difference in price. The industry standard substitute costs £40 for none polarised, and £60 for polarised. As we require your frame to be here for fitting, we include shipping to and from us in the price.



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