Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster & Shooter Collection

Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster & Shooter Collection

Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster & Shooter Collection puts a contemporary spin on classic frames and silhouettes. Utilizing modern manufacturing techniques, Ray-Ban have created a selection of frames, not only breathtakingly illuminated, but flawless in design.

Firstly, the Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster & Shooter Collection has pushed the boundaries of convention. The Blaze Collection’s most special aspect is the visor lens. A once piece mask, cut with supreme precision, offers a sleek and cool look, while serving its primary function as a sunglass. Holding the true essence of the Clubmaster and Shooter at heart, the Blaze collection transitions to a contemporary design impeccably. Extra details, such as top bars and studs, give the Blaze Collection a real sense of authenticity.

Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter RB3581N

The Ray-Ban Shooter is the pinnacle  of masculinity. The RB3581N uses a visor lens, however the original design came with two tear drop shape lenses. The main features of the Shooter is a circular hole and colourful top bar. The top bar is in tune with the colour scheme of the frame. The unique hole in the middle of the bridge was originally designed to allow rifleman to keep the cigarette safe while firing. The top bar and arms support by studs and metal wire, for a secure fit.

Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster RB3576N

The Clubmaster is on of the longest running frame silhouettes still available. The original browline design was first manufactorered in the 1930’s, the Blaze gives a lease of life into a timeless classic. While maintaining the original shape, the one piece visor lens removes the bold top bar, while incorporating the studs on the front frame.

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