Prada Minimal Baroque Project

Prada Minimal Baroque Project

The evolution of the Prada Minimal Baroque Project has seen a contemporary design from Spring ’12, become one of the more stylistically unique models available. Rococo patterns on the arms, layered on top of each other, to metal detailing bolted in place give the Minimal Baroque fashionable vitality rivaled by none.

prada-minimal-baroque-sunglasses-advert-blogThe original design was a first of its kind, and the beginning of the Prada Minimal Baroque Project. Swirled Rococo patterns on both temples were a fanciful idea, the likes of which had never been seen before. The arm arrangement has swooping curls curving under then over. The initial frame came in a oversized round eye, and a rectangle bold frame. The iconic style has elements of 18th century classic artistry.
The unwavering high demand for the frame on its initial release proved Prada’s new design was a hit. Color schemes used in both the PR 27NS and PR 27OS were classic and sought after.

Prada Minimal Baroque Project

In 2016 we celebrate the successes of the Prada Minimal Baroque Project, by welcoming two new frames into the collection. Both frames maintain strong levels of exuberance, evolving from the original blueprints into an outstanding set of frames. While the new frames stay true to the original design, the visible difference is apparent.



The PR 07TS come with gold metal Rococo patterns that are firmly held in place. The double bridge with an oversized keyhole top bar give a lavish feel to a ostentatious frame.The PR 23NS is made from acetate plastic, with multi layered spiral patterns featured above, and below the frame. The various colors are distinctive and instantly recognizable.


Prada sought out various artistic interpretations of the Minimal Baroque Project to place emphasis on the creativity of the peculiar collection. Firstly, the artists were asked to capture to essence of the Minimal Baroque, and interpret this using their typical methods of illustration. What you see below is three drawings, from three talented designers, who use watercolor, pastel, and acrylic paints to bring the Minimal Baroque Project to life.

Marcela Gutierrez

marcela-gutierrez-prada-minimal-baroque-red marcela-gutierrez-prada-minimal-baroque-black

Andrea Tarella

andrea-taella-prada-minimal-baroque-blue-green andrea-taella-prada-minimal-baroque-red-black

Ivo Bisignano

ivo-bisignano-prada-minimal-baroque-bird ivo-bisignano-prada-minimal-baroque-dog



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