Oakley Prizm Lens Technology

Oakley Prizm Lens Technology

The Oakley Prizm Lens Technology use decades worth of scientific analysis, developing the most state of the art visual experience to date. Allowing you to make the absolute most out of the ever-changing environment, the Prizm lenses deliver a deep breath of fresh air to a demanding industry.


Oakley Prizm project uses revolutionary technology to create the most advanced lenses of the 21st century. The Plutonite lenses have been finely tuned and tailored for specific sports. Prizm lenses offer contrast on a variety of different surfaces. In essence, the Oakley Prizm Lens Technology give you a competitive edge in all terrains under any conditions.

Oakley has been an industry leader in lens technology for over two decades, with continuous efforts made to develop their collection. Plutonite lenses have been at the forefront of Oakleys collections since their inception. High Definition Optics surpass the standard requirements on safety and blow the competition out of the water in the clarity of vision measurement.

You can find Prizm lenses in a number of Oakley Sunglasses. Most common in visor lenses or wrap around style Sports Performance frames, moreover, Prizm technology are also available in high street frames. This lends itself perfectly to the Prizm Lens ability to adjust to an continueously changing environment.


While cricket may be one of the more relaxed sports, the sheer speed and velocity the ball moves is frightening. Keeping your eye on a ball moving quicker than 70mph is a difficult task. The Oakley Prizm Cricket lens allows you to do just that. The Prizm lenses enhance the colour of the ball, a rich a deep red is significantly easier to track the flight.

oakley-prizm-road-bike-contrast CYCLING

Cycling within the United Kingdom has seen a surge in popularity. Due to our Olympic triumphs, folks across the land have become engaged and enthused with the sport. The popularity of Oakley’s Performance has seen Prizm lens technology incorporated into two lenses. Both trail (Prizm Trail) and road (Prizm Daily) categories for optimum performance and enjoyment.


What could beat 18 holes on a sunny afternoon? Golf requires a skilled hand and knowledge of your course. Knowing when to hit the ball long or short is difficult to gauge when bright light is impairing your vision. The benefit of Prizm lenses allows you to analyse your playing surface. This ensures the correct shots are taken with the help of the Prizm lenses.

Overall we find Oakley Prizm Lens Technology to improve your vision in many environments, and allow you to excel in aspects of your chosen sport. Spirit and determination will see you a long way, Oakley Prizm Lens Technology will give you the competitive edge over your opponent, or to surpass personal bests and goals.

“Since I started wearing Oakley’s new Prizm golf lenses I have noticed much more clarity while on the greens reading my putts. I see the line much better as well as get a much better feel for the speed and contours of the green.” Zach Johnson, 2015 Open Champion

The Mammoth Mountain challenge gave the opportunity for the Oakley Prizm Lens Technology to be put through its paces. The Prizm Games illustrate the functionalities of the Prizm lens. Bringing together triathletes Craig Alexander and Jenny Fletcher for a gruelling six sport, three leg competition. They determine who’s team can reign victorious, and finally what exactly the Oakley Prizm Lens Technology are capable of.



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