Looking Forward – SS18 – Part One

Looking Forward - SS18 - Part One

Looking Forward – SS18 – Part One is a first look at what’s on offer by our favourite brands. Preparing for the coming year and spotting the latest trends is absolutely paramount. SunglassesUK.com offers a quick glimpse as to what’s in stall for SS18.

Three of the finest designers are feautured in Looking Forward – SS18 – Part One. We begin with Jimmy Choo, a UK fashion brand bringing finest designs with elegance and charm. Dolce & Gabbana, for the European flair and uncompromising style. Finally Versace, for an authentic and stylish feel. We hope to see exactly what the the frames have to offer, and what sets the apart from what is to come.

Image from Jimmy Choo Instagram

Jimmy Choo – Dhelia

With so much going on with the Jimmy Choo – Dhelia, lets break this frame down to see why its so special. Firstly we have the round eye mirror lens, held in place by a metal wire outer, and a metal bridge. The metal wire is brought togheter by a butterfly pattern, which adds a touch of elegance. The butterfly pattern has studs either side, a sturdy position for the arms to be held in place. The butterfly pattern adds a cat eye shape to the frame, with a bold plastic coating covers the outside of the frame, allowing the inner metal features to stand out. The Dhelia is beautiful in design with so many special features, and will be a big hit for SS18.

 Image from Dolce & Gabbana Instagram

Dolce & Gabbana – Crystal Acetate Logo

The Dolce & Gabbana – Crystal Acetate Logo is a retro build with touches of D&G sprinkled all over. To begin with and most obvious detail of the Crystal Acetate Logo is the metal DG logo sitting on the bridge. This is complimented perfectly by the metal frame holding in place the round eye lenses. The clear plastic acetate frame gives the frame a retro feel, with thin wire arms capping the frame off. Overall, this frame may be a prototype, but this is something we would like to see make it to market.

Image from Versace Instagram

Versace – Low Profile Round Eye

The Versace – Low Profile Round Eye is a sleek design yet understated with very few details. The metal wire frame has a retro feel as the tea shade design is a real throwback. The polished metal frame holdings in place oval shape lenses, with rose colour lenses really emphasising its vintage roots. While the Low Profile Round Eye may not be the most glamorous frame with no significant amount of detailing, the stripped back look is refreshing and welcome for the coming season.

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