Jimmy Choo Sunglasses coming soon!

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

If it’s a bit of red carpet glamour you’re after , a luxurious pair of Jimmy Choo sunglasses would complete your look perfectly!

Jimmy Choo was one of the first designers to bring shoes and handbags to Hollywood and he found that the famous red carpet was the perfect runway for his brand.

A celebrity favourite, the Choo brand soon catapulted to success and showcased strong women in towering heels with luxury handbags-who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

Jimmy Choo has become a prized possession of the likes of Michelle Obama , Jennifer Lopez and Naomie Harris and our cherished Princess Diana was a huge fan.

Lets get straight to the glamour with The Jimmy Choo ‘Vivy’


The Jimmy Choo ‘Vivy’ is a beautiful retro round eye acetate complete with detachable jewel clip on. Bling it right up with the jewels on or take them off for a more understated vintage look. If you really want to get noticed why not treat yourself to a pair of ‘Vivy’ 20th? These have been designed to mark the 20th anniversary of Jimmy Choo.

Bling isn’t everybody’s thing- for a bit of chic that is more understated, the ‘Paula’ is a great choice.

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses Paula

The ‘Paula’ is an oversized acetate with stunning sides that look like they have literally been rolled in sparkly glitter!

Malaysian fashion designer Jimmy Choo was born in 1961. He made his first ever pair of shoes aged just 11 after watching his cobbler father.

After graduating in London in 1983, Choo soon opened his first shop. He partnered with Tamara Mellon to create ready to wear footwear. Their relationship came to fruition following massive support from Vogue where Mellon was the accessories editor.

After huge brand success that took them to L.A and New York, Choo decided he wanted the brand to remain smaller and more exclusive . He sold his half of the company and the pair parted company.

Mr Choo now crafts a small number of pairs of shoes per week. His passion for education is expressed by training a select number of students to craft luxury footwear. Imagine that on your C.V ?!

Jimmy Choo is now a globally recognised brand that is at the top of the game when it comes to accessories.

Providing a complete luxury accessories brand from shoes to handbags, fragrance to eyewear, you really can dress from top to toe in Jimmy Choo!



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