How To Repair Your Sunglasses

How To Repair Your Sunglasses

Here is’s advice on How To Repair Your Sunglasses.

1. Fix The Frame Yourself

How to repair your sunglasses and fit any spare parts yourself is easy enough to do as long as you have the correct tools. You require a heating tool for plastic acetate frames, or precision screwdriver kit and any specialist tools that the frame requires. Good light is desirable so you can see what you are doing, and of course, a steady hand.
You must be especially careful when removing broken lenses, temples, or nose pads. When removing a cracked lens, use tissue paper either side of the lens to ensure no skin is exposed to the broken glass.
Various tutorials on YouTube can be used should you need a few pointers (Please enter your RB into the search).

2. Take Them Into A Local Opticians

At your local opticians, they have all the correct tools and equipment to do any repairs on your frame. A charge maybe requested, this is at the discretion of the optician. The NHS allows you to Find Your Nearest Local Opticians, simply add your current location or postcode into the search. As a general rule of thumb, a local opticians is more likely to be of some help, over a high street chain store.

3. The Repair Service

Our trained lab technicians with over 25 years experience are able to replace the lenses and repair your sungalsses. With services starting at £10.00, any basic repairs can be carried out, if a particular part for needs replacing, spares lenses, arms, nose pads or screws can be sourced from manufacturers. Severe breaks maybe more difficult to repair, however we will do our best in every instance. The repairs service also includes free shipping to and from us, postage by Royal Mail so you know your frame is in good hands.

You can purchase our Sunglasses Repair Service via the SunglassesUK website. Please enter any necessary information when purchasing.

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