Genuine Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses

Genuine Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses

Give your sunglasses the treatment they deserve, keep them looking brand new with a set of Genuine Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses. There’s no need to throw your old Ray-Ban’s away. Give them a new lease of life and keep them in working order for spring and summer.

Frames old and new can be given a revamp, repair, or can be customized. Depending on which model you have, a variety of genuine Ray-Ban replacement lenses is available. With polarized, none polarised, gradient and mirror tints available for 7/10 days delivery. Whether your lenses have scratches and scuffs, or you would prefer a new lens, either classic or modern, we are able to help.

Our Genuine Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses come with the correct Ray-Ban logo, etchings, and certificate of authenticity. This means the lenses you will receive are the genuine article. Even so, if your frame or lenses are in need to repair, we will do our utmost to get them back into a working order.

We are able to repair frames of all shapes and sizes. The classic and iconic styles that are current and hugely popular, including Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Cat Eye, Round Eye, plus many more. If your frame is under 2 years old, it is highly likely spare parts will be available. If your frame is older than two years old, it is worth enquiring about the availability in any case, as there is always hope we can get your sunglasses looking brand new again.

To enquire about the availability of Genuine Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses, click here.

Some companies like to offer optical blank replacement lenses, however, these lenses don’t come with any Ray-Ban logo or etchings. Please be wary of replacement lenses you purchase online. We can ensure you will receive the genuine Ray-Ban replacement lenses if the spare parts are still available. We would recommend the optical blank only as a last resort.


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