Free Prescription Snow Goggles

free prescription snow goggles

With ski season on the horizon, we are here to offer you the deal of the winter. Free Prescription Snow Goggles. Conquer the mountains of Europe and the Americas with perfect vision. Ensure your surroundings and path are clear with the best prescription insert available on the market. You can take necessary steps to guarantee your eye safety during such a high octane sport as well as enjoying optimum vision. Protecting your eyes is equally as important as protecting your head.

At we are offering you the opportunity to receive free prescription snow goggle lenses when purchasing Oakley Goggles and a Goggle Prescription Butterfly Insert. We have a number of goggles in a variety of colours all able to accommodate the prescription insert.

The beauty of the Goggle Prescription Butterfly Insert is its ability to offer perfect clarity when out on your skis or snowboard. The convenience of having an interchangeable prescription lens that fits in most frames is ideal, especially when on the move. The clear frame of the butterfly insert means your peripheral vision remains clear.

When you are on the go, hurtling down the slopes, the last thing you need to be worrying about is whether your contact lenses are okay. Hygiene is an absolute must when removing contact lenses, this cannot be assured half way down a steep mountain. Alternative options could be to not wear contact lenses, however, vision is absolutely key. The prescription insert removes any unnecessary issues that may arise when using contact lenses.

In the past, a number of our customers have purchased the prescription insert, with a great deal of satisfaction coming from their heightened sense of vision. Time flies when you’re having fun, why not make the most out of your holiday with perfect vision?

  • Our Free Prescription Snow Goggles offer will be available until 31st of May 2017.

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