Fix Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Fix Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer has reached classic status, with the best part of 6 decades worth of manufacturing and popular demand. Thousands of pairs of Wayfarer sunglasses are purchased annually. This, in fact, makes the Wayfarer one of the most sought after accessories of our lifetime, with variety being paramount to its success. Now you are able to fix Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses with

In 1956 Ray-Ban introduces the Orignal Wayfarer, the simplicity of the frame allowed for mass production. The silhouette of the frame gave the Wayfarer identity, and with international rock stars and Hollywood actors being seen in the frame, huge demand for the frame began. The Wayfarers popularity saw a resurgence in the early 80’s, thanks to clever marketing campaigns the Wayfarer began selling well over 1 million frames annually. We continue to see the Wayfarer today, as a matter of fact, many companies making the design a staple of their collection. Ray-Ban themselves continue to develop the Wayfarer style, with over 6 frames staying true to the blueprint half a decade later.

A vast array of lenses are available for the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Being the most iconic eyewear of the last decade, the frame has taken many shapes, allowing for many more colour schemes. Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses for Wayfarer frames have absolutely everything on offer. Ray-Bans classic B-15 and G-15 full tint lenses, available in polarised also. Crystal gradient and also photochromic for complete versatility. Finally, we have the Mirror Flash lenses, reflective lenses in a multitude of colours.

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To fix Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, we recommend having a professional optician look at the frame. Over time plastic acetate frames can become brittle, with a small risk of the frame cracking when replacing the lenses. Our Sunglasses Repair Service will allow you to send your sunglasses into us free of charge. Our trained lab technicians, with many years of experience, have had a great deal of success with repairing sunglasses. The sunglasses repair service involves cleaning the frame, tightening any bolts, and of course any necessary repairs or fittings.

Original Wayfarer RB2140Image of Ray-Ban-Original-Wayfarer-RB2140-Replacement-Lenses

New Wayfarer RB2132Image of Ray-Ban-New-Wayfarer-RB2132-Replacement-Lenses

Lite Force RB4195

Image of Ray-Ban-Lite-Force-Wayfarer-RB4195-Replacement-Lenses

RB4181Image of Ray-Ban-RB4181-Replacement-Lenses

Justin RB4165Image of Ray-Ban-Justin-RB4165-Replacement-Lenses



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