Customise Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

Customise Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

From early 2000’s to modern day, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster became one of the most sought after accessories in the marketplace. now offer you the ability to customise Ray-ban Clubmaster sunglasses, an ability that plays true to the authentic essence of the frame. With the Clubmaster being very distinct in style and build, it’s an absolute necessity to stay ahead of the curve and above all stay looking sharp.

The Clubmaster, originally known as the Ronsir, was a popular choice amongst some the most influential people throughout history. 1947 gave us the blueprint for the Clubmaster, combining materials such as plastic acetate and metal. The original blueprint consisted of interchangeable lenses, bridges, ear wires, and the distinctive brows. This indeed allows for complete customisation of your frame. A burst of Clubmaster designs hit the market during the 1960’s, Bausch & Lomb (Ray-Ban) subsequently became a leading manufacturer of the frame, with their unique plaques on the upper frame.

Powerful figures throughout history have sported the Clubmaster, with the style of glasses being immediately associated with the particular person. American Civil Rights Activist Malcolm X became synonymous with the frame as he fought for equality in a society, shaping the future. The Clubmaster has been worn by Presidents to movie stars, by socialites and sports personalities alike. These endorsements furthermore solidifying its status modern eyewear for years to come.

You can customise Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses with, with our Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses. Our genuine replacement lenses are available in a catalogue of colours, with modern flash mirror, to classic full tints. You will receive two lenses, with the correct logo and etching, and a certificate of authenticity. All in all, we are glad we are able to offer you the ability to customise your frame as they originally intended.

Finally, our Sunglasses Repair Service allow for a quick and easy, hassle free repair to your frame. The Sunglasses Repair Service includes replacement of spare parts and service of the frame. Once an order has been complete, you will receive a Royal Mail Returns Label via email. This entitles you to free shipping to us, and additionally you will receive free delivery back to you.


Oversized Clubmaster RB4175

Image of Ray-Ban-Oversized-Clubmaster-RB4175-Replacement-LensesAluminum Clubmaster RB3507Image of Ray-Ban-Titanium-Clubmaster-RB3507-Replacement-LensesClubmaster RB3016

Image of Ray-Ban-Clubmaster-RB3016-Replacement-LensesSquare Clubmaster RB4190Image of Ray-Ban-Square-Clubmaster-RB4190-Replacement-LensesRound Clubmaster RB4246Image of Ray-Ban-Round-Clubmaster-RB4246-Replacement-LensesCathy Clubmaster RB4132Image of Ray-Ban-Cathy-Clubmaster-RB4132-Replacement-Lenses

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