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Key figures throughout history give us defining moments that shape the world we live in. SunglassesUK presents Profiles – Sculpting History. As we assemble our icons, we delve into the lives, the character forming moments, and the legacy they leave behind.

Audrey Hepburn – Delicate Beauty

Audrey Hepburn - Delicate Beauty

‘Audrey Hepburn – Delicate Beauty, a petite and beautiful woman, who’s kind heart and beautiful smile enchanted the world. A woman who possess such grace and elegance with the ability to portray characters in their true essence. A prominent figure during the Golden Era of cinema, with notable and significant achievements during her illustrious career. […]

John Lennon – Imagine

John Lennon - Imagine

John Lennon – Imagine, a man who took the world by storm, an international sensation who revolutionised and pioneered many genres of music . From singer-songwriter to wartime peace activist, Lennon took on world leaders in pursuit of peace and equality. A journey which saw him travel continents, top charts, and spread a positive message […]

Jackie Onassis – First Lady

Jackie Onassis - First Lady

Jackie Onassis – First Lady, one of the select few, a woman whose love for the arts went hand in hand with her impeccable style. Her beauty and elegance, her positions of prominence, Jackie Onassis’ life and times were a memorable journey. Earning the admiration of the American people and the world consequently. Born in […]

Steve McQueen – The King of Cool

Steve McQueen - The King Of Cool

Steve McQueen – The King Of Cool, a man who was a law unto himself, lived by his own rules, and who’s legacy lives on over half a decade later. His style and charisma, his King of Cool persona, McQueen’s culturally iconic significance and status will never be lost. When you look at Steve McQueen – The […]