Fun and safety are the two most important things to keep in mind when out on the slopes. Bolle Helmets 2020 Collection helps tick off safety, allowing you the freedom to have a good time.

Our Bolle helmets 2020 collection is broken down into four categories, to begin we have a visor lens helmet. Secondly, a helmet complete with a peak, next we have the professional models. Finally, helmets for the children. We hope to give you an idea of the type of helmet you require, along with tips on how to be as comfortable as possible, for an enjoyable day.


Practical and stylish, a visor lens helmet offers more than a sleek design with a huge lens. We have four visor helmets available, covering a wide range of practicality, size, and style.

It’s been suggested the best way to wear a visor lens helmet, is with a breathable balaclava. If you wear glasses, the breathable element will stop hot air travelling upwards, steaming up your glasses.

All the helmets come with a retractable visor, and are complete with all the safety features you will find across to board on all Bolle helmets. They also come with an air extractor and integrated ventilation, a click to fit system and removable washable lining. Click here for any further information regarding the technologies used in Bolle helmets.

During this years ski season, our most popular visor helmet has been the V-Line Carbon. A combination of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), and carbon inserts, makes for one of the most secure, robust helmet on the market.

The Quiz visor is the children’s options, which we’ll talk about in a bit more depth a little further down.

Both the Might Visor, and Might Visor Premium are similar in style, and while colours vary slightly, the difference between the two is the visor itself. The Might Visor Premium has a photochromic lens, this is a transition lens, that changes from light to dark depending on the brightness of the sun.


An iconic style, the peaked helmet design is everlasting and contemporary helmet for the ages. A peaked helmet is a classic design, seen on freestyle snowboarders, and is complimentary to street wear fashion. From colours schemes to the translucent peak, the Instinct brothers are very cool helmets indeed.

Both the of the Instinct helmets share similar builds and technology, including adjustable ventilation, dual shell in-mold, and removable and washable ear pads and lining. The Instinct MIPS has added revolutionary technology, which lets the helmet slide relative to the head, adding more protection against rotational motion to the brain, caused by angled impacts.


A professional style helmet bordering on elite, with elements that are top of the range. Another duo with distinct contrasting features, however one thing the Medalist helmets share is a marvellous block colour schemes. The Medalist is the perfect helmet for ski competition, due to it’s robust outer, and aerodynamic qualities.

Firstly, lets look at the similarities, they are both fully compliant with FIS requirements. Both come with chin guard compatibility, with a neck roll and removable and washable lining. The Medalist Carbon offers an ultra competitive, super lightweight helmet, with a carbon fibre finish.

“I chose Bollé as partner because of the quality of products they provide. In addition to that, it’s a French brand established for many years and very well known in the outdoor activities.”

Loic Meillard – Swiss Olympic Athlete, and Bolle Athete (credit


The safety of your children is absolutely paramount. Just like the Medalist, children’s helmets have to be FIS compliant, as a baseline for any head protective equipment for children. Colour, comfort, and of course safety are key features, the Quiz has them all in abundance.

Both the Quiz and Quiz Visor helmets come with an air extractor and integrated ventilation. They also come with removable ear pads and removable lining that are washable. The Quiz Visor has an anti fog, anti scratch visor, so your childs vision will not be impaired, and any tumbles, the visor with remain unscathed.