10 Visor Sunglasses Spring Summer 2018

10 Visor Sunglasses Spring Summer 2018

Welcome to SunglassesUK.com’s top 10 Visor Sunglasses Spring Summer 2018. We explore what our favourite brands have to offer in the realms of the throwback visor design. From luxury brands, to understated frames, we cover all bases in the lead up to our favourite time of year.

The Visor Sunglasses is a single piece lens which serves many purposes. Commonly known as a visor lens, the style falls under a number of names, including Shield Sunglasses, One Piece, and Mask. The visor lens can take many forms, from sporting to fashion, from pragmatic to the down right audacious.  We hope you like our selection of 10 frames, which fit perfectly into our 10 Visor Sunglasses Spring Summer 2018.


Throughout history visor lenses have been used in many forms. From late 19th century accountants, to gold plated astronauts visor helmets, and from ice hockey to motor sports. The visor has been a key piece of equipment spanning over three centuries.
The fashion industry began utilising the visor lens in sunglasses around the late 70’s. With developments in manufacturing, companies began releasing one piece frames which soon hit the mainstream. Identifiable with the Miami scene during the late 80’s, the visor lens took off with brash colours and sharp frames.


Cartier – CT0023S

Part of the Panthère de Cartier collection, the CT0023S is a beautifully designed frame, with wonderful details and polished finish. With the Cartier Panther logo either side of the visor lens, a flat top bar, and bridge plate, the polished metal details and for an absolutely fascinating design, that brings the CT0023S to life. Cartier being one of the more desirable brands, we begin our 10 Visor Sunglasses Spring Summer 2018 with our most lavish frame.

Chanel – CH4215

Unique with it’s pattern, the Chanel CH4215 sets itself apart from the rest, with the diagonal cross decoration on the visor lens. Simplicity takes control across the rest of the frame, with understated temples which sport the Chanel logo. The visor lens has double studs either size of the lens, with the Chanel logo in the top right.

Gucci – GG0291S

Another high fashion frame, the Gucci GG0291S is a retro inspired frame, with polished metal details, and sharp corners for a powerful look. The one piece lens has a solid top bar, which is met by polished gold metal hinge plate either side of the lens. The double G Gucci logo sits directly in the middle of the frame, as well as at the start of the temple.

Oakley – Evzero Path OO9308

As is the case with a number of Oakley frames, the Evzero Path OO9308 is ideal for those with an active lifestyle. The one piece lens adds to an unparalleled aerodynamic build, due to its sleek wrap around design. Other attributes include Unobtainium ear socks and nose pads which adds to Oakley‘s patented Three Point Touch fit, which results in an unbelievable comfortable frame when on the move.

Oakley – EV Path OO9208

Another wrap around design, the Oakley EV Path OO9208 stays true to the original visor lens frames. The one piece interchangeable lens sits firmly in place with the one piece top bar and temples. The EV Path maintains the Three Touch Fit and Unobtainium nose pads and ear socks. While the frame draws inspiration from earlier designs, Oakley use all the contemporary functions, which makes the frame an ideal candidate for active lifestyle frames.

Oakley – Trillbe OO9318

The Oakley Trillbe OO9318 is an active performance lifestyle frame, which incorporates some of the more technical parts of an Oakley active frame, with the chilled and calm features of a lifestyle frame. A solid one piece lens is held in place by a full bodied O-Matter frame. The Trillbe comes with a sharp keyhole bridge, with tapered temples completing the frame.

Ray-Ban – Wings RB3597

A remodel of an 80s classic, the Ray-Ban Wings RB3597 maintains it’s charm all those years later. From the flat temples to the flat top bar, Ray-Ban finish the frame perfectly with a polished metal plated frame. The Wings has been propelled into the modern era, with a one piece shield lens, which offers excellent coverage, and a unbelievable stylish way to look cool in the sun.

Ray-Ban RB4311N

One of the more understated frames in our collection, the Ray-Ban RB4311N still has many beautiful and eye catching details which make it an ideal candidate of our best of Spring Summer 2018 blog. Ray-Ban have made the RB4311N available in a number of colourful combinations, the outer frame brings the entire frame to life. The one piece lens has three studs holding the lenses in place. Thin metal wire frames are complete with complementary ear socks, for an sublime finish.

Tom Ford – Ondria FT0519

Another of the most stylish visor frames available, the Tom Ford Ondria FT0519  is absolutely dripping in details. Firstly we have the dipped bridge, met by a metal double bridge. Both the metal bridge and nose pads are held in place by a polished metal clasp. The signature T Tom Ford logo on the temple plate is a subtle, yet classy touch. The visor lens is a round oversize style, a perfect edition to any collection for SS18.

Versace – VE2180

The Versace VE2180 is a high fashion frame, with a big and bold design. Versace‘s signature Medusa logo can be found either side of the lens, with screw studs holding the lens firmly in place. The one piece lens has a bold keyhole bridge. The temples of the VE2180 come with miniature diamanté studded line, with elongated ear socks for a fresh finish.

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